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Workshop & Course

Yin Yoga Mindset: Basic-Intro Level Certification Course  (Offered by Consult Yoga in association with Ananda Yoga Space )

This workshop is recommended for beginners, all levels of Yoga practitioners and teachers

What will you leave with:

  • Intro on the history of Yoga

  • Intro to Yin Yoga

  • What is the mindset of Yin Yoga vs Yang yoga and how to bring balance into practice ON & OFF the mat

  • Practice Yin Yoga safely

  • We will experiment with poses, so each point will be explored through a pose

  • You will also leave with becoming a member in the growing Yin Yoga Community.

me sukasana 1.jpg

Yin Yoga has a different Mindset than another forms of Yoga. This workshop will shed light on the Yin side of Yoga, how to approach the practice with the right Mindset and intention. The concept presented in this workshop is an important building block in terms of how to approach the practice of Yin Yoga and slowly start to change our  mindset to help us sink deeper into each pose. Each asana and point shared will be an invitation to contemplate on how to take your mindful Yin Yoga practice off your mat into your everyday life.

  • Topic: Yin Yoga Mindset: Basic-Intro Level Certification Workshop)

  • Level: 1 - Introduction (10 hrs)

  • Time: 10am to 1pm

  • Date: 19, 20 & 21 March 2021 (Fri, Sat & Sun)

  • Yin Yoga Teachers Training Course Online 50hrs - Contact us

By Rula from Jordan - Ananda Yoga Space

International Yin Yoga Certified Teacher

Rula integrates sound (chanting), Yoga Nidra, myofascial release with acu-balls, sand bags, into her classes and workshops. You leave feeling like you just had a full body massage, well rested and rejuvenated. With online workshops, we focus on the breath, mind, body connection.

As a senior Yin Yoga teacher, rula offers this 8 -10 Hrs workshop for teacher & practitioners who are interested to learn more about how to benefits from their Yin Yoga practice, how to be present while practicing and how to use the body and mind through the connection of the breath to achieve a deep state of Pratyahara (full inward senses withdrawal). Read More..

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