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Yoga for Women** -#stress #pcod #menses #irregularperiods #Depression #parenting #obesity #hormonalimbalance #jointpain #womenproblems - With the winter months coming, it is essential that we pay attention to maintaining our health and wellbeing. More so for women who mostly focus on the health of their family sometimes at the cost of their own health.

Consult Yoga is offering yoga classes for women starting Nov through Dec (6 weekends). The package includes a session on a diet that also provides an understanding of how yoga improves physical and mental health.

  • Nov 7th to Dec 20th - 12 sessions (Saturdays and Sundays except 14th and 15th Nov - Deepavali break)

  • Includes: Asana, Pranayama and relaxation practices

  • Time: 7.30 - 8.30am CT

  • 8.30 - 9.30am ET

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10 - 20% Donated to

Covid Relief / Education


Kid's Yoga sessions for children living in the US and Canada. With the holidays coming up and the lock-down and safety guidelines in place, we would like to offer parents an opportunity to engage their children productively and developing their personality through Yoga practice.The sessions will also have an impact on the overall well-being of the children by improving their immunity, memory and concentration. 

June 8th to 30th 

July 6th to 31st

Aug 3rd to 21st
Monday to Friday 
9.30 to 11am CT 
10.30am to 12pm ET 


We will do our best to provide a safe, enjoyable and educative environment for the children but Consult Yoga will not be responsible for physical injuries or falls or any other untoward incidents that may occur online or offline during the sessions. We request the parents to provide a safe area for the children to be physically active and monitor the children periodically.

The sessions will be for 1.5 hrs (with a 10 min break in between)

and will include

  • Yogasana

  • Pranayama

  • Stories 

  • Indian History

  • Yogic Games and 

  • Creative activities 

Refund Policy

  • If a refund is requested before the sessions start then 75% of the amount collected will be refunded after deducting administrative and exchange costs.

  • If refund is requested after the sessions start, then 50% of the amount collected will be refunded after deducting administrative and exchange costs.

  • There will be no refund after 5 sessions have been completed.

Asana Biomechanics - Online Workshopp - 
Held on 24 May 2020 

As Yogasana is prescribed in Hatha Yoga to get disease free body, lightness and firmness to withhold Asana. In order to achieve these goals in these practice we need to understand human body with relation to its musculoskeletal system. Where we study degree of movement in particular joint to facilitate posture and understand limitation of movement of joint to prevent any injury - By Dr. Purnandu Sharma, BAMS, MD Yoga

Specially designed for yoga teachers and students.

Workshop content

  1. To understand body’s movement to perform Asana

  2. Role of muscles engagement in Yogasana practices

  3. Limitation of yoga postures to prevent injuries

  4. Role of nervous system to facilitate postures


  1. Will be able to understand the student/patient to design Yoga practices

  2. Will be able to identify body’s limitation and degree of freedom of student/patients

  3. Will make easy for you to achieve goals in postures

Science Behind Pranayama - Level 1 - Online Workshop - Held on 9 May 2020 

A How to Breathe Properly - Science Behind Pranayama Level 1 - Breath Correction session by Chirag S Hakked at Karma Yoga Studio, Indonesia (Zoom Online Session for Indonesia and open for all) 

Pranayama is one of the important aspects of yoga practice as it plays with the Prana “life force” or Energy or Qi. This workshop will guide you through the steps that you need to understand energy and how to work with it. First step will be to do the breathing exercises effortlessly and effectively. Then you enter the pranayama to balance the energy.


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