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Rula - Yin Yoga Teacher 

“Before my Yoga journey, I was for years part of the corporate world, worked long hours, spend time behind my desk, overworked my neck & shoulder, I wish I knew Yoga then, I wish I took time to practice it”.

A small book about Yoga in arabic started her journey of curiosity into how can a simple practice like Yoga, heal illness and maintain a balanced life. Back in 2006 amman did not have the luxury of doing classes on you-tube, and amman offered very limited Yoga classes which rula made sure to attend, so her Self-practice journey began,, “me, my mat & I and whatever DVDs i could get my hands on” Rula Moved to Toronto with her family in 2010 and this is where her real learning, practicing & teaching journey started. Her first TTC 180Hr Hatha Yoga certificate from Yoga Tree, Toronto was in 2010.

me sukasana 1.jpg

Rula continued with Pre-natal yoga certificate, which she doesn’t teach often, by Urban Yoga, Vancouver – 2012 “One day in Toronto I stepped into a class that shifted my Yogic experience to the another level, this class was a Yin Yoga class, i immediately fell in love with the release and surrender this practice offers and i decided to pursue & do my Yin Yoga 50Hr certificate with Alena Calinescu- GoodLife Fitness – Toronto in 2013” During all of this time, rula was teaching between Amman & Toronto. hired by Goodlife in Toronto and in amman taught in various gyms as the Yoga Studio concept was still not widely spread and common. Later in 2014 opened Ananda Yoga Space, a studio and community space.

“India was calling me for years and i was not sure where to start, India is vast, a lot is offered in India, I wasn’t sure how to plan it until 2016 when i was nominated by the Indian Embassy in Amman to represent Jordan in a 1month scholarship training, specifically Bangalore, SVYASA Swami Vivekananda University, SVYASA University, this was part of the International Yoga Day celebration by the government of India, this was how my dream came true. I stepped with my feet for the first time in incredible, holy India…I came back but my heart is always there.” Rula took another shorter trip back to India in 2017 to do an Advanced Yin Yoga Course 50hr from Trimurti Yoga- Goa, India.

Rula introduced Yin Yoga to Jordan back 2012, her love and dedication to the practice grew with time. Rula now leads a unique 4day Yin Yoga immersion course in Jordan & Cairo, hoping it will spread to other regions. Offers a 1day workshop on “Yin Yoga Mindset- How to take your mindful practice off the mat”. And is an active community member.

Through her passion for Yoga, Rula was one of the directors and founding members of the NGO Yoga Mandala Project- Providing refugee communities in Jordan with psycho social Yoga & Trauma related sessions. Rula was one of 4teachers who lead this training, in Jordan, Palestine & Ireland between 2014 till 2018. Rula is still park of the project as a facilitator and trainer until today.

Recent Certifications

  • “Fascia Release Training” – LIVE - Amman, Jordan March 2020 – Certified by Youef Bukhari

  • “Your Spine Your Yoga” – ONLINE - Training by Bernie Clark- November 2020

  • Acu Yin with Jo Phee” a 4day – ONLINE - workshop – October 2020

  • “Healing Trauma, Building Resilience & wreathing the storm” – ONLINE - course with Embodies Philosophy – Albert Wong – January 2021

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The YMP also helps build the Yoga teachers’ community through offering an annual Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training which provides Yoga teachers with the tool on how to lead a trauma sensitive yoga class and the opportunity to volunteer at one of our regular Yoga classes with the refugee communities.

Rula is currently one of the main facilitator and Yin Yoga teacher taking part of the online and growing community of the Yoga Mandala Project since 2019.


Courses Offered

  1. Yin Yoga Immersion Course – 40hrs (Basic TTC)

  2. Yin Yoga Mindset Course – 10hrs & 20hrs (Intro)

"To Inspire & Be Inspired, To Serve & Continue Serving"

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