Music Therapy 

Certificate Course on Music Therapy

Level 1:  Essentials of Indian Music and its therapeutic application in Health and Wellness 
Listening to Music
What you'll learn
  • The technical compartments of Indian music

  • An insight into music as mind-body medicine

  • Therapeutic application of Ragas

Music therapy is the use of music in the accomplishment of therapeutic aims – 

  1. Restoration,

  2. Maintenance, and 

  3. Improvement of mental and physical health. 


We have various courses at various levels which provide an insight into restoration of health by combining Music, Ayurveda and Yoga. Their whole lot of research how music helps and can be the best therapy in many ailments and issues in this modern life. 

There have been numerous researches on using Indian music as an Active music therapy for children’s cognitive development. Music provides sensory “workout” for the brain, which can help to improve

  • Attention

  • Concentration

  • Intelligence and Creativity

Music combined with Yoga facilitates the coordination of the mind and body. 


We offer courses for children with music and Yoga combined which enhances intellectual development, cognitive ability, communication skills, and social-emotional learning.

About Music Therapy Course - Level 1

  • The course combines both theory and practical workshop on music therapy.

  • E-Certificates issued after the PPT presentation of the assignment by the student.

Eligibility:  Open for all Music Lover / It will be better if you already have Knowledge about tempo, rhythm (Svara, Raga and Tala)

Suitable for:  Student / Yoga Therapist / Doctors / Healers / Musicians 

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Duration: 2 weeks - 10 hrs

Days: Monday to Friday

Time: 5 to 6 pm (It is flexible based on the participant requirement) 


Certification by

About the course teacher - Dr. Karuna Nagarajan, is trained in Carnatic and Hindustani Classical Music. Basically a B.Com graduate and a MBA graduate quit her job in USA for reconnoitering her passion towards Mind Body Medicine after meeting Dr Nagaratna, a pioneer in Yoga therapy. The indication of exploring in the field of Yoga and Music therapy was far from her mind until she met Dr. Nagaratna, a leading Doctor who has helped lot of patients and published her work in well-known international journals on Yoga. The Doctor encouraged her to take up Masters in Yoga. She was awarded for the Best MSc dissertation ‘Spectral Analysis of Gamaka Notes of Carnatic Music published in Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge under the able guidance of Prof. NVC Swamy, who was the retired  director of IIT Chennai.  And also was awarded doctoral degree in 2016 under the able guidance  of Prof. Srinivasan T M, retired Professor IIT Chennai.

Certification by Svaraveda & Organized by Consult Yoga

Svaraveda foundation is dedicated to Music therapy courses, research and consultancy, integrating biorhythm theory of Svaraveda and Ayurveda with Yoga Vignana.

Coming soon - other levels

Level – 2

Music therapy for Dosha Balancing and Medical astrology for Dosha

  • Biorhythm theory of Music and Ayurveda

  • Medical Astrology - Predicting Dosha or constitution through birth chart

  • Ragas for Dosha balancing

Level – 4

Music and Chandobadda mantra for balancing Sapta Dhatus

  • Concept of Sapta Dhatus (body tissues) and the diseases caused by imbalance

  • Ragas and Chandobadda mantras recommended for balancing the Dhatus

Level –3

Music therapy for balancing the Chakras

  • Sapta Chakras, its misalignment, the related diseases

  • Ragas recommended for balancing the Chakras