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Eco Friendly yoga Products

Made in India - Go Green

  • Good for Skin , Health & Environment.                           

  • Free from harmful chemicals & toxing.                                 

  • Non Synthetic & Eco Friendly Green & Ethical practice towards Mother nature           

  • No cruelty to Animals & no Petroleum by – products   

Synthetic & PVC Yoga Mats

  • HARMFUL for skin, Health & Environment .

  • PVC harmful chemicals & toxin & foul smell

  • PVC  contains Chorne

  • Cheap in terms of both Price & Quality.

  • Made From Synthetic materials. NOT GREEN

Cork Yoga Block

Light Weight Blocks : 500 gm approx

Cork is regarded as environmentally friendly and Cork production is generally considered sustainable  due to the fact that the cork tree is not cut down to obtain cork. Rather only the bark is stripped to harvest the cork. The tree continues to live and grow.

Wooden Yoga Blocks

Made of Cedar Wood

Cotton Yoga Straps Belts & 

Wooden Meditation Bench

Bench used mostly in Tibetan region for sitting in Vajaranasana

Weight  = 1.2. kg approx

Wood : Country Wood ( Red Cedar or Pine Wood )

Folding Meditation Bench with metal hinges to facilitate  smooth folding

Ground Clearance Max 17 cm 

Meditation Chair & BKS Iyengar Metal Chair

Light Weight Meditation Chair : 1 KG approx.

  • Fold-able & easy to carry 

  • Comfortable

BKS Iyengar Metal Chair: 8 KG approx


  • Good Quality Metal & Strong

  • Design as per BKS Iyengar school. We also have all other props for Iyengar style of Yoga 

Yoga kit

All Eco Friendly Products

  • Thick cotton Yoga Mats with Rubber Bottom                        

  • CorkYoga Block                       

  • Wooden Yoga Blocks

  • Canvas Yoga Kit Bag

  • Yoga Motavers

  • Yoga Strap

  • Copper Water Can

  • Yoga Mat Cleaner

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